I often have days when I’m triggered. Triggered by words, pictures, days of the month, dreams, memories of those times when I thought our life was good but really it wasn’t, they were just the times in between. They were the days that the lies continued, that promises were made that things were changing and that our relationship was the only one he really wanted. I wish I could stop these triggers that make me sad, sometimes angry or even make me stop second guessing my decision to stay in this marriage. Sometimes the what if thoughts that grab the pit of my stomach and sit on my back like a hundred pound weight feel like too much and I want to run as far away as I can, like the night when I first found out.  

It has been three years since I found out and sometimes it feels like it just happened. I hope eventually I will escape this feeling, I’ve chosen to stay and keep trying to overcome everything that has happened. I try not to let the what if days run away with my will to try and stay. I hope that I can trust him now to be the guy he says he wants to be. I hope that all I have repeatedly sacrificed of myself wasn’t for nothing and that he’s realized my life is just as important as his and that he won’t selfishly take advantage of me anymore. 

I don’t know why these days keep creeping in. I just want to be happy and strong again. I’ve been told I am so strong to have endured everything but I feel weak. I always thought the strength would be in leaving, that staying and accepting the affairs would be weak.  It’s all in perspective I guess. 

I guess it’s only really been a few months since Marjorie left, and that could be why I still have the days where I think maybe I should have made him end things on his own with her. The outcome would be completely different, I know this. He would rather have continued to lie to both of us, and I just couldn’t live like that anymore. After so many years of being his wife, I deserve better than to be a second choice. He tells me he never stopped loving me, and I don’t believe him. If he really loves me like he says he does why does he still want to know if I’ve heard from Marjorie and how is she doing. I feel like I’m never going to be enough, that he’s only here because he couldn’t let me go and watch me start a new life with someone who really loves me.

Some days I have regrets. Some days I overthink my choices and try to analyze why I didn’t chose to go the other way. I’m really trying to focus and stay looking ahead but sometimes the hurt and brokenness sneaks in and leaves me crushed. I wish I knew why he cheated, why he made me stay in a relationship that he so selfishly abused, why he wouldn’t let me have the freedom to just be if that’s what he wanted. I know that this is all on him, that nothing I could have done would have changed his path. What about my path? It’s changed, and I don’t know which way to go anymore. 


Jittery January 

January is always a rocky month for me. I fall into depression because of lack of sunshine. SADD when the weather dips into the -40’s for a week or two and leaving the house is for necessity only because who wants to go out?  Have that feeling of the wind being knocked out of them because the cold air you inhale chokes you and you feel your exposed skin hurt. The daylight hours are short to top it all off. 

A few days ago the anxiety started crawling back in. I’m not sure if it’s just the weather or the feeling that my husband is back to hanging out with his girlfriend or both. I hate not knowing when he’s talked to her or texted her or stopped over there to give her money. I didn’t want 2017 to start out this way again. The last two January’s he has dropped out on me to go away and be with her for a week so already I’m depressed because I remember how low I felt last January. I was low enough that I lost 15lbs in 5 days, low enough that I couldn’t get out of bed, low enough that my teens were begging him to call them or talk to them so they could find out what to do to help me, low enough that I resorted to asking my mother-in-law to help me and tell me where he was (no help came, only more lies)

I thought maybe starting the year off in a sunny destination might get me through to the end of the winter but it hasn’t. Over the last few days the -40 weather has moved in, my husband is distant and working a lot, I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep so I don’t have to feel the ache across my upper back and through my chest. I’m afraid though that if I don’t force myself up and out of bed that I may not get up and the anxiety will move more into a heavy depression. 

I can’t explain to my husband why, because he feels like I’m blaming him for how I feel. His contribution to my situation doesn’t help, the fact that he is still paying Marjorie’s rent and giving her money doesn’t help. He doesn’t realize that by doing those two things on top of the talking and texting, he’s still conveying to her that he wants their relationship even though, the other morning when I could feel the anxiousness starting he whispers in my ear as he hugs me good-bye as he heads out to work, that he will “get rid of her” and I felt like saying “probably not before I get rid of you” but instead I say to him ” I matter, my feelings matter, but you don’t make me feel like I do.” As the day goes on and I think more about the conversation from the previous evening where once again he tells me he doesn’t want to hurt her, that she did nothing wrong it was all him. Apparently, her feelings matter. I’m married to him and stayed with him through a shit ton of miserable awful shit and that’s what he says to me. 

I’ve resigned myself to staying with him until the end of the month. If at the end of January he renews the lease on the place he rented and continues to give her money then I want him to leave. I feel like I don’t want him around if he can’t tell her it’s definitely over and time for her to go. He feels like I am threatening him but I’m not. I’m just drawing the line and this time it is for good. He can test me but this time he might find his clothes packed, locks changed, me not taking his calls, blocking him from my social media and quite possibly a lawyer hired. I’ve been more than fair and patient but now it’s time for me to feel better and shed this anxiety. I don’t like feeling weak, when up until I few years ago I felt strong and in control of my life. 

After his conversation with Marjorie the other day, he said to me spending Christmas with her was very kind of you and she really liked you. My response was she liked me, but not enough to give up on pursuing her relationship with you. Silence…and then he says “True…”

Christmas with Marjorie 

If you have read any of my previous posts you’ll know who Marjorie is and where she falls in place in my life. If you haven’t well, she’s my husbands on line girlfriend from Georgia who moved here to live with him. After she moved here and he lived with her for two months he decided that he wouldn’t be happy without his family and moved home. Yes, my life has an obscene amount of unbelievable craziness in it. I’m not sure how exactly I got here but I have. 

Christmas this year was a tough one for me. It was the first year in 25 years that I have not woken up beside my husband and 18 years to babies and excitement over Santa coming to our house while everyone slept. My husbands mother was diagnosed with cancer this year and although I don’t feel that either of my inlaws deserve an ounce of love from my children for the things they have done, I let them go and spend Christmas with them. I couldn’t live with the thought of having them with me if this was her very last Christmas. 

So mid morning Christmas Eve starts out with an incoming text from Marjorie.

Marj: How are you? 

Me: Still getting over my sinus infection. How are you?

Marj: I’m good. I found some very unexpected Hispanic products today. I’m quite excited about that 😀 

Me: Cool and the weather has warmed up to flip flop short wearing weather so you can breathe when you go outside.

Marj: Llol! You know I can actually appreciate that concept now. -4 being a treat!   

Then I drop out of the conversation and carry on with whatever it was that I was doing, I think I was cleaning and packing for our trip. 

Then in the afternoon she starts texting me again.

Marj: I got you a gift. Happy Christmas. ( and she sends me a picture of a bottle of wine, a card and chocolates)

I was very stunned at first. I was like does she think we are going to meet at some point? Why does she want to give me a gift? That’s weird right? What does she want from me? A friendship? Ten minutes pass before I respond because I’m freaked out at the thought of finally meeting her.

Me: You shouldn’t have done that. I think there is some rule that as my husbands girlfriend you don’t give gifts to the wife. Wouldn’t he shit tho if we did get together and sent him a Christmas selfie of us…lol! I’m dismantling Christmas today, I can’t stand to look at it anymore.

Marj: Duck rules. I felt I needed to say thank you for being so awesome and kind. (I’m thinking duck was an auto correct of fuck).   I found a shop that sells really nice chocolates. I was excited about those. 

Me: You don’t need to thank me for anything. (Changing the subject) You must have found Chocolates and Candlelight’s and other Delights?

Marj: Yesssssss. I love everything in that shop! It’s awesome. Have you watched I am legend? 

Me: I think so. Will Smith?

Marj: Yes. So everyday I feel like I’m will smith in I am legend tryin’ to get stuff done before dark at 3pm. 

Me:Daylight hours should be getting better again now. 

We continue to chat about the Salvadorian food she is going to make for her Christmas Eve dinner and that she has to run out to the store to pick up a few ingredients that she doesn’t have. She tells me about her cat Walter, sends me a video of him doing tricks for treats and then takes off for a bit. Which is okay by me because I want to take down my Christmas tree. 

Marj: Back! It’s buffoonery out there. 

I don’t respond. I’m thinking to myself this is crazy, what am I doing. I don’t know her, we are not friends, so I carry on with what I am doing and maybe that will be all. 

Nope, an hour later…

Marj: Did you kill Christmas? 

I give in.

Me: The tree is down and put away but I left all the snowmen alone. I hate putting the tree away it’s so much work. I bet the store was nuts. I need to go get cat food but I feel the pet store will be less busy. 

Marjorie goes into full on talking about healthy cat treats, because clearly Sassy is a fatty. I head out to the Pet Smart to pick up what the cat sitter will need while I’m away, buy the treats and set them out for Sassy. She gives me a very “I’m disappointed in you.” look and walks away. I text Marjorie a video of the whole thing and she laughs when I say “Most of us prefer McDonalds to salads”

Later that evening I get a text and a picture of the Salvadorian dish that she was making and I tell her it looks better than the Chinese food I ate and now I was onto wine, onesie pj’s and cheesy Christmas movies staring Hugh Grant.

Marj:Oooo that sounds fun! :p English men are great ;D 

Me: I got drunk at a resort once and ended up with a British boyfriend. Needless to say D wasn’t very happy to be interrupted by this guy who wanted to do shots with me…lol

Marj: Ahhhhhhhh!!! 

Me: But this poor guy was labeled as my British boyfriend for the rest of the week.

Marj:  😀 that’s awesome 

Me: Colin Firth is another fave, from Bridget Jones. (3 glasses of wine in) I would invite you to join me but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. 

Marj: Why on earth would that be a bad idea??

Me: (starting glass 4, 1/2 big ass bottle finished)                                  It’s craziness but it’s also Christmas and I’m not sure why either of us is alone. My kids are spending my favourite day of the year with complete assholes who do not deserve an ounce of their love. It’s just a day though and the last one I am willing to give them. See I’m not such a great person. 

Marj: Sorry I’m drunk. Having trouble functioning 😀 

Me: Well that makes two of us. My wine buzz is starting to affect me. If you don’t want to be alone come over. 

Marj: I didn’t know it was your favorite day. I’m sorry… I don’t know or understand what’s happened with that relationship. And how do you mean that’s the last day. 

Me: The history doesn’t matter, it’s over but not forgotten or forgiven. I just mean it’s the last time that I will not be with my kids at Christmas so his parents can be with them. 

Marj: Do you have anything harder than wine or should I BYOB 

(Whoa…shit could go sideways)

Me: I have vodka, rye, moonshine…not much for mix but there’s Pepsi

So I give her the address, drink some more wine, start watching Elf because it is such a funny movie and awhile later the doorbell rings. 

Before this we have never met. We have exchanged emails and snarky texts back and forth when my husband first came back but that was it. I open the door and I can tell she is a little nervous by her laugh. I tell her to come in, I go to the kitchen, take out a glass for her to mix a drink in  and pour another glass of wine. We move back to the living room and continue to watch Elf, laughing at all the stupid things Will Farrel does in this movie. Marjorie asks me if I have any siblings and I tell her about my sisters but that we are not close (that’s a whole other blog in itself). I know she has a brother, with a wife and few kids. I say to her “Your parents must be worried about you being here.” She says they were concerned when she decided to move here but that she hadn’t been home for Christmas in four years so they were used to that. We stop talking for a bit, when again she asks me about why I’m not with D and the kids. I tell her why and she is like “WOW!” but I don’t really want to talk about my problems with my inlaws. 

It wasn’t even awkward, I didn’t feel anger towards her, I felt sad that this young girl moved to this god forsaken frozen hell to be with my husband and he decided that wasn’t what he wanted. She thought he was going to leave his wife and start a new life with her. A life she had been working towards for the last four years. She asked me why I stayed with him. It’s such a hard question to answer because no matter what I say I feel stupid for continuing to love this man who has hurt me time and time again. I can’t give up on him when he’s telling me he is done with that life, that he wants to be the man I married, that it’s me he loves and wants to be with. How do I walk away after building this life for 25 years? Where do we begin trying to dismantle it all? She says “So both of you are afraid to end it.” I tell her no that I was ending it, that I wanted nothing to do with him and that I was cutting off from him but he wouldn’t let me, that he kept insisting our marriage is what he truly wants. She tries to come at me from a different angle “It sounds to me like you have one foot out the door.” I tell her I do have one foot out the door because I’m waiting for the next time he drops out on me to be with her. I say that considering she lives here now and that he’s still talking/texting with her so I feel it will eventually happen, and she nods. 

It’s 3am and a few hours ago I moved from wine to Apple Pie Moonshine. I need some fresh air to clear my head so I say “Let’s go for a walk” and she is not sure what to think but we bundle up, put our drinks in travel mugs and out we go in -20 degree weather for a walk. She asks about Linda. Linda is the first affair. I tell her a little about my relationship with Linda and what I am dealing with now but I don’t talk about D’s relationship with her. I tell her I don’t understand how I got to this place in my life where I’m doing crazy shit like spending Christmas with my husbands girlfriend. I ask her what her plan is. She tells me she doesn’t have one and that her staying largely depends on D. Well… his staying with me largely depends on him discontinuing paying her rent and giving her money. We get back to the house, mix another drink and just sit and talk. She is sizing me up, she wants to be able to pin the cracks in my marriage on me but I think she’s finally seeing the big picture. I ask her though if D and I should end our marriage at this point would she still take him back and she tells me that yes she would. Madness. What is wrong with us? By now it is 7 am and I can no longer keep from yawning, and tell she she is welcome to crash here but she calls a cab anyway and prepares to leave. She gives me a hug, wishes me a Merry Christmas and leaves. I lock up, turn out lights and prepare to get into bed when D texts me a Good morning, Merry Christmas! Are you awake? I respond…Well I haven’t been to bed yet, been up drinking all night, headed to bed now. He was like what??? I say,  I’m too tired I’ll tell you what I was doing later and went to sleep.


Marj: Good morning! How are you feeling??

Me: I feel disgusting. I woke at 10 put stuff in the dryer had a piece of toast and went back to bed but I still feel gross. How about you?

Marj: I feel great. Slept great. Walter (her cat) wasn’t upset, so I guess I wasn’t too drunk. (Not likely she killed 28oz of Apple Whiskey and a few glasses of Apple pie moonshine)

Me: I’m so happy for you 😒

Marj: 😀

Me: I’m still laying in bed. It was the moonshine that did me in.

Marj: It was so good.

Me: It was but it was deadly on my head.

At some point the previous night I mentioned that I needed to remember to put my underwear in the dryer and pack it, so she asks me if I remembered to pack my undies and I had, at 4:30 in the afternoon I tell her that I think I’m finally starting to sober up she laughs. 

Marj: :,D lmao It was a good night. 

Me: It was. Thank you for keeping me company.

Marj: Thank you so much for inviting me. Have a good flight and an awesome trip! 

And it’s at this point where I feel like a complete asshole. She’s staying here in this freezing hell while I head off to warm sunshine, drinks on the beach and time with my family. Should I feel like an asshole? No, D should. He brought her here. 

I hope I did a decent thing and spent time with her so she wouldn’t be alone. Nobody should be alone over the holidays…not even the woman who has attempted to pull my marriage apart. 

We’ve been back a few days now and I have not contacted her. She hasn’t reached out to me either, so maybe meeting me didn’t work out in her favour. Maybe she thought she wouldn’t like me and she could justify continuing to be available for D. I think I was just genuine and honest with her about our life, about how broken I’ve been over all of this and that now it needs to stop. 

Now it’s January and this is typically the time he drops out on me and the kids to make it up to her for ignoring her through December. 

2017 has to be a better year, the last two have been batshit crazy, and I know I cannot do this anymore. This year is for me and I’m determined I will either be happy in my marriage or I will walk away from it but I will be happy wherever I end up.

Her Stats vs Mine

My husbands girlfriend has worked out some statistics regarding my husband and when he chooses to be in their relationship and when he doesn’t. Now it’s December and she has prepared to sit back and wait for January to roll around, when he will have felt bad for ignoring her through the holidays and he will reconnect with her. I wrote her an email laying out my own set of statistics, outlining things I have learned about him since this all started. He tells me that he’s done that this won’t happen anymore, that he wants our marriage more than he wants to be with her. I can’t bring myself to send the email though. I feel like I’m being too harsh with her, but I just want her to go away. I don’t feel my contact with her will make her go away though. She figures her youth is on her side and she can patiently wait as long as she needs to, because according to her statistics, he will be back. Seeing as he is still talking to her and hasn’t been forceful or direct enough in communicating to her what he wants, she could be right.

Marjorie, this is what I know.
D told me about your statistics for his interaction with you during this time of year. Statistically he drops out on you to focus on his family during the holidays. Only he hasn’t really been with us for many of our holidays, because you were always in the background with some crisis or another. 
“Statistically” this is what I know about infidelity. I’ve read just about everything I can trying to find answers because I want to know that I’m doing the right thing for our family. I find it is somewhat helpful to know that there are other people in similar situations and they are also trying to make their marriages work.
I know that he has dropped out on me about every six months, for the last two years, to be with you for a week. I know that even though he does drop out, he always comes home and attempts to repair the hurt that he has caused. 
I know that the propensity for men/women to cheat is genetically predetermined. D grew up knowing his father continually cheated on his mother and to this day continues to do so. I have nothing to do with him. D’s dad told our son that D’s affair was okay, he just shouldn’t have gotten caught. He also covered for D numerous times so that he could go and be with you, basically telling me that it was okay his son had no respect for me or our marriage. His mother continues to maintain a close relationship with his first affair leaving me to believe she would have preferred to see our marriage end as well.
I also know that once you crossed over into the reality side of his life, his desire to be with you drastically lessened. Same thing happened with the first affair. They made a deal that it was purely sexual but she changed it up and when she wanted more, he wanted less. He didn’t want another wife or someone to take care of him, he wanted an escape here and there a couple of times a year, to go away from his real life and be someone else. Is that healthy? No, I don’t believe that it is. 
80% of married men do not leave their wives for the woman they are cheating on them with and if they do that relationship doesn’t generally last. Their wives end up leaving them because they get tired of being lied to and the bullshit that is constantly being brought into their lives.
78% of married couples who encounter infidelity remain married. They remain married either because the husband/wife honestly makes the effort to repair the marriage because he/she loves their spouse, or he/she stays with their spouse because of a feeling of attachment. He/she cannot see their life without the spouse, and feels he/she needs them.
58% of men who cheat are happily married. I believed we were happily married until D listened to another woman tell him how unhappy she was in her marriage and how could he possibly be happy with me? He asked her for advice regarding my relationship with his parents, and she used it to her own advantage. He let someone inside our bubble. I’ve always believed that you do not talk about your husband or wife to anyone. We were happily married until I found out what was really going on.
I am constantly waiting for the next time that D will drop out on me, this time he assures me he will not. The longer he continues to talk, text and have any interaction with you, he is one step closer to that drop out. It doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship with you is what he wants, it’s just his mean of an escape. An escape that I’m no longer willing to forgive.
 I knew about you. Last June, when D asked me if he could have a week, to go to Georgia and break up with you face to face, I let him. He promised after that, all communication would end. I believed he would end it. He let it continue and he is still letting it continue. One of the conditions for coming home was that he was to end all contact with you and thus far he has not. I have told him in January if he cannot start the new year fresh, and have no contact at all then he will have to leave. He has said to me, he needs to end things in his own time, and I’ve said no, because I’ve had enough of this bullshit, and given him so much more time and patience than he deserves. I need to move forward in my life and stop living with the last two years dragging me down.

I used to believe that if this was to ever happen to us that I would not stay with him. Unfortunately, you have no idea what you will do until you are actually face to face and having to live with your husband cheating on you, do you know what you will actually do. I always thought I was stronger than this, I hate that I am conveying to our daughter that it’s okay for your husband to cheat on you and as well allowing D to convey to our son that it’s okay to cheat on your wife. Neither is okay. I compromised my morals/beliefs and stayed because I cannot quit loving him or even begin to start dismantling 25 years of a life together. If he allowed me space and time, eventually I would move on but right now he tells me, our marriage is what he wants, I want to believe in him. 
Do you realize what it is you are trying to do? You are trying to put an end to a family. You said you would never have participated in such a relationship before, so what has changed? He’s still married, and trying to make things right. He is trying to repair our relationship. I kind of get the impression that you feel that the cracks in our marriage are my fault, which is why you are continuing to push him to leave me. They are not my fault. I did not go outside of our marriage for any reason. Had I met someone else, I would have told D. All I wanted was honesty at all cost. If he met someone else that he wanted to be with, then all he had to do was say so and we could work out the details. Why didn’t D just tell me you were living here now and that our relationship was over? I think his hiding his relationships tells me that he was never going to permanently leave because he could never be happy, knowing that the kids and I would eventually start over with someone new. 

I am sad for you, and have been since I first found out about him lying to you. I know how that feels. I regret not reaching out to you in when I found your phone number, after I found out about his true relationship with you. Maybe I could have saved you and me from this situation. I think no matter what I said in my text to you though, you would have still believed anything he told you. I was sad that you spent Thanksgiving alone, and now will be spending Christmas alone, instead of with your family. I hope that you’ve made some friends here that will invite you to join in their Christmas Eve or day so that you are not alone. Holidays are meant for family.
This email was just to let you know, I have my own set of statistics when it comes to D and I’m just hoping that I can believe him when he says, he’s done being someone else and with someone else. It was also not intended to hurt or upset you, but maybe help you to see the bigger “statistical” picture. 


Maybe she’ll see that my 25 years of trying to work through the hard stuff isn’t shadowed at all by the four years he’s spent talking, texting and a week of sex every six months or so and maybe she won’t.