I’ve talked about the triggers that set me off into analyzing and overthinking everything that happens between my husband and me. A trigger being something that takes me back to a time when I felt like he was lying to me but I couldn’t be sure. One of the triggers is his flight school classes. He told me that he wanted to learn to fly a plane. At that point in our lives, our children are still fairly young and I feel like this is just more time for himself instead of using that time to interact with his kids. It could be an evening for him to run someone to hockey, and watch the game or practice. It could be an evening where he baths our youngest, reads him a story and gets him ready for bed or it could be an evening where he shows up to the pool to watch our daughter swim, which he never did. Most of all it could be an evening for me to not have to juggle to do all three things myself. He doesn’t see it that way. He felt he did nothing but work all the time and this would have been time for him to do something just for him. He never let me have that luxury, and according to him, running kids here and there wasn’t part of HIS program. So let me get this straight…because I am the stay at home parent it is my sole responsibility to parent our children? He went to flight school and I went to the pool, a hockey game and did bedtime for the baby.

He didn’t complete his flying hours to obtain his license because his affairs got in the way. Well, that’s how I see it because it definitely wasn’t because of the kids or I getting in his way.

Over the last couple of weeks, work for him has been slow so he has decided to get back into flying, finish his lessons and get in his hours of training so he can get his licence. This sets me off. I know in the past that he wasn’t always flying when he was supposed to be. He constantly tells me there isn’t anyone else but I somehow cannot train my brain to think otherwise. I’ve heard that too many times only to be disappointed when I find out otherwise. So because alarms have been triggered I start looking. I look at his Facebook, I check pockets, I pay attention to the late night text messages and genuinely feel like a crazy person. In his Facebook, I see newly added women friends who I do not know, so I ask him who they are. His defences go up and he’s giving me grief over giving him grief over these women he has become friends with. One of the women had asked him at one point if he would be interested in having an affair with her because she heard that he was having trouble in his marriage. Boom!!She shouldn’t have even received a friend acceptance. Another one is a girl who his company does business with, and she flirts with him over a counter. Why do you feel the need to be friends with her? She is, like most people on Facebook, hardly an acquaintance. No need to request her friendship. The third woman I throw at him, he smirks a little and says he met her when he spent so much time in the Chicago airport on his way to breaking up with Marjorie. Hmmm…let’s just pick up another one on the way to breaking up with the other one. He says to me ”Why would I be friends with them on Facebook, where you can see everything and they can see I am married?” Hiding things in plain sight is the best place for them to be missed, I say and just because your status is set to ”married” doesn’t mean anything to some women. Especially the one who knows that you have ”marriage troubles” anyway. He says to me he has too much on his brain right now to deal with this, meaning my anxiety and begins to list off everything he has got going on. So what he has going on automatically voids whatever I have going on in my brain right now. That response is just as good as throwing fuel on a fire. I stop talking, take out my contacts, brush my teeth, get ready for bed, crawl in, curl up on my side and close my eyes. Shut down mode has commenced. He doesn’t realize or try to recognize that I need help to get over the ocean of lies that he created. I need answers, I need a schedule, and I need to know that this isn’t the beginning of another woman coming into our lives again. I can’t tell him enough about what I need because I don’t want to feel this way. I want it to stop. I want to feel safe and secure in my decision to keep going in this relationship. It’s hard because before when everything was still going on with Linda and Marjorie he would tell me it was all over, over for good and then I’d get slammed with the hard facts that no it wasn’t. So that is also, always circling in the overthinking compartment of my brain.

I hate that I overthink everything, I notice little things moved in a large space, I feel every vibe that comes from everyone. My kids don’t even try to lie to me because they know they can’t get away with it.

I had a very close sister-like friendship end because she couldn’t tell me the truth. I asked her if we were okay because she seemed to be avoiding me, although she says she wasn’t, she was. It was a lie, there was something bothering her but she wouldn’t admit it and sadly for me, the friendship pretty much ended. She was my person when everything started going south, she was who listened and offered advice.

I wish I could find a way to quit making my husband feel like a criminal and me the police. It would be nice if I could give him a manual to read so he would know the do’s and don’ts with me. Sometimes it feels like he’s stomping through a field of landmines around me and it’s all I can do to not curl into a tight ball with my head and ears covered, just so I don’t have to see or feel anything. It would be nice if I could explain to him how to be more careful and communicate better so we have fewer of these times when I start going off on him, in his mind, without reason.


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    1. I don’t want to give up. I have witnessed too many marriages end without even so much as a second thought so I’m trying to work through it and make sure it’s not worth trying to salvage before I walk away. It’s difficult to explain reasons for staying, all I can say is I haven’t given up hope.


    2. Watch this and try to learn what emotional Support actually means in the future. Why would you speak like this to someone who is clearly expressing their pain and working through it? Support isn’t telling people what to do, it’s listening to people and helping them work through. Who are you to say this to her?

      ((CloudySkies I apologize if I am

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  1. You know, that first comment really wasn’t helpful or supportive. I hope you know that. I get that standing up for ourselves is important, but what the hell happened to independence AND forgiveness? You’re completely in your own power to discern what you and your marriage needs. That comment was judgement not support. Just because staying with him is not what is popular presently doesn’t mean it’s wrong!

    Forgiveness is giving someone a clean slate and that does not mean the emotions go away and HELL no it’s not easy and HELL yes it does kind of feel like torture. That’s what love is! You’re a mom, your kids torture you, right? Love doesn’t equal easy and I’m so sorry for what you are going through and I’m so sorry because I know that first comment and your response are programmed in your daily routine by supposedly helpful people.

    I’m writing this as a woman who cheated on her husband. Our marriage was already a mess, it got worse and then it got even worse. Neither of us forgave each other. We just kept score mentally and let it eat us alive. We separated three years ago and it was the best and worst thing for us. Best? We learned we really miss and need each other. We learned how to talk. We learned how to fight. We remembered how we were always each other’s best friend. Worst? The guilt? With the kids? The pain? The anger? Oh god the emotions. I was a single mom of three kids. A year ago I had psychosis. Guess where I’m living now as I recover? With my ex. We’re not together, but we’re best friends and we’re raising our kids openly and honestly with each other. I can’t put in words how different it is. I never gave up hope my family would get through this. I did what I needed to do for my family always, including leaving, but forgiveness will always come first in my (different and that’s okay) family.

    I hope this video can give you some
    Healing, as the cheater; it made me cry and gave me
    Comfort. And it helped me see my husbands side. While also feeling my side. I hope so much that this helps. I’m
    So sorry for everything you’re going through. Especially that first comment.


    1. Thank-you @ ourbeautifullies ❤️ People judge too quickly when they don’t see the whole picture. Yes, it seems crazy, it feels crazy and quite possibly is crazy but it’s MY crazy. I knew staying would be the hardest thing I’ve ever done because I used to be part of the presently popular ritual of calling it quits. I never imagined for one second that I wouldn’t walk away from him if he cheated. I did hope that if he met someone else that he would have had enough courage to leave me and allow me to get on with my life. He was afraid to let go. It’s very hard when a grown man who you’ve loved for more than half of your life, stands in front of you crying, telling you he never for one second stopped loving you. It’s hard to believe anything he says at that point, but you resign yourself to stay stronger a little longer. He doesn’t know why he cheated, he’s tried to figure it out, I’ve asked him so many questions and I feel he answered them truthfully.
      Regarding the comment from Moi, I don’t expect supportive comments from people who don’t know me because my own mother doesn’t even support my decision to stay.

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  2. Also @ ourbeautifullies, when I first found out about the affairs I watched this video. She spoke right to me. I have watched other videos from her as well but that one was by far the best explanation of why. I’ve watched it a few times actually and sent the link to my husband as well when I found it. Thank you again!


  3. You are wise to take your time in making a decision about whether to stay or leave. Both ways take courage and strength. And the clarity that comes with time and the ability to see the truth rather than reacting on feelings. Blessings to you.

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    1. Thank-you! Time does bring more clarity, and I’m hoping healing will come with it. I don’t always feel very wise when it comes to making life decisions these days, but I’m finding more courage and strength all the time to navigate tough days when I have them. I appreciate your comment very much.

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